What is Do You Know What it Means?
Do You Know What it Means is a project devoted to documenting, preserving, and presenting the rich cultural identity of New Orleans in an accessible manner. By gathering stories and photographs from residents, both past and present, of the city’s diverse landscape of neighborhoods we hope to create and share a permanent and record of life before Katrina, an understanding of how much has been lost, as well as what has survived.

Who is behind the Project?
Do You Know What it Means is managed by The Historic New Orleans Collection and is comprised of individuals, volunteers, educators, curators, historians, librarians, anthropologists and archivists who have come together to create a historical archive that represents everyday life in New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina.

Volunteers and Staff of The Historic New Orleans Collection continue to work with neighborhood leaders and host digitization workshops in hopes contributing even greater diversity to the impressive collection that has been assembled

What will we do with donated items such as photographs and audio recordings?
The photographs and other items we gather in the course of our initiative will be archived for posterity, and presented to scholarly researchers and the general public in an accessible manner.

All materials we gather are released to us by the owner/subject for use and public viewing through our online database at http://www.hurricanearchive.org/dyk/browse/, our technology partner, George Mason University's Center for History and New Media and will eventually be shared among archiving bodies such as the National Archives. It is our hope that the materials gathered for Do You Know What it Means become part of the public record which will enrich and deepen the publicís understanding of what was lost as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

How can I get involved?

To volunteer to help or to share your story in person please contact Amanda McFillen

For Web Assistance or technical Inquiries please contact Steve Sweet

For press inquiries please contact Teresa Devlin

For general inquiries please email The Williams Research Center

To share your images visit the share section of the site